The Minister of Sports reassures Zamalek fans: “We are a fortress to preserve sport”


Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, confirmed that whatever events related to Zamalek Club, the ministry wants to send a message of reassurance to Zamalek fans.

Ashraf Sobhy said, “We are a very big fortress to preserve sports and football in Zamalek Club.”

The Egyptian Olympic Committee had previously issued a decision suspending the club’s president, Mortada Mansour, for a period of 4 years, in addition to asking the club to hold a general assembly to elect another president to replace him.

The minister added, in televised statements to the Tala fans program on On Time Sports 2, that whatever the decision related to the Zamalek club or the events that revolve around it, the ministry is a very big fortress to preserve the football team and the sports sector.

Ashraf Sobhi said in statements via “On Time Sports 2”: “Whatever decisions, we will preserve the entity, I noticed on social media that the fans of Zamalek congratulated Al-Ahly, and Al-Ahly fans wished good for Zamalek, that is the spirit we want.”

Ashraf Sobhy added: “When the CAF Champions League final is purely Egyptian, it is important to us, we tell the fans that we will be happy with this matter. We will congratulate the winner at the time, and we will bless Egypt.”

The Minister of Sports added, “We thank the Pyramids Club. In a short period of time, the team reached the Confederation Final, that is the sport. We congratulate the brothers in Morocco on the coronation of the Confederation, and we congratulate the Al-Ahly club for qualifying for the Confederation Final, and we respect any decisions from CAF related to the public attendance of African matches.”

He concluded, “There are no crises related to Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian national team waiting for his arrival to the camp safely, as it is a great value for Egypt, and there are attempts to hold the Olympic match between Egypt and Brazil in Egypt.”


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