The Minister of Transport is following up the implementation rates of the electric train and Monorail projects, the administrative capital


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The team, engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, continued his inspection tours to follow up on the service projects implemented by the Ministry of Transport, as the Minister inspected the implementation rates of the two LRT electric train projects (Peace / New Administrative Capital / Tenth of Ramadan) and Monorail, the Administrative Capital.

The tour began with following up on the implementation rates of the LRT stations, tunnels and bridge, in addition to the progress of the implementation of the main workshop in Badr, which is built on an area of ​​60 acres, where the total percentage of construction work for the project reached 63% of the target percentage, 47% of the bridges work in the project and 86% of Tunnel works, 35% of railway bridges works, and about 63% of construction works for the electric train maintenance workshop.
The minister directed the necessity of working around the clock and fully adhering to the time plan of the project, and that all work be carried out according to high quality measurements, especially with the importance of the project, which is a new development artery in the heart of the new cities.

The minister explained that this line extends its route from Adly Mansour Interchange Station parallel to the Ismailia Desert Road to connect all the cities of eastern Cairo (Al Salam – Obour – Future – Sunrise – Badr) and then branches north after Badr City until the tenth and south to the administrative capital and then extends to the International Sports City With a total length of 90 km and a total of 16 stations, pointing out that the transportation capacity of the electric train is 30,000 passengers / hour / direction, with a total of 500,000 passengers per day.

After that, the minister went to inspect a number of sectors in the course of implementing the works of the Monorail Project, the Administrative Capital, which extends 56.5 km in length and has a number of 22 stations. It is implemented in two phases. From Al-Moshir Mosque station to the stadium station, with a length of about 11.5 km, adding that the total length of the two monorail lines, the Administrative Capital and Sixth of October City, is 98.5 km, with a total of 34 stations.

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