The Ministry of Interior reveals the fact that a woman had kidnapped children in Nasr City


11:32 PM

Saturday 24 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy and Alaa Omran:

The Ministry of the Interior revealed the fact that a picture of a woman was circulated on social networking sites “Facebook” and the alleged kidnapping of children from inside the shops.

In a statement on Saturday evening, the Ministry of Interior stated that it is within the framework of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to uncover the circumstances of what a female citizen reported to the Nasr City Police Department in the Cairo Security Directorate of being harmed by a woman for publishing her photo on one of the pages of the social networking site “Facebook” while she was inside one The shops in the department’s department, and the claim that they kidnap children from inside the shops.

The investigations revealed that a woman residing in the Kattameya Police Department, accompanied by her sister residing at the same address, photographed the report if she was inside the aforementioned store, and she was the one who published the photo on social media.

The ministry clarified that after legalizing the procedures, they could be arrested for claiming against a female citizen without evidence and publishing false news that would disturb public security.

Legal action has been taken.

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