The Ministry of Sports: The ruling nullifying the Zamalek list is “not final and not enforceable”


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The Legal Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports issued a statement regarding the Sports Settlement and Arbitration Committee’s decision to invalidate the Zamalek Club regulation.

The Legal Department at the Ministry of Youth and Sports said that the ruling issued in the arbitration case No. 15 of 3 years of 2019 from the Egyptian Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center and the judge to cancel the decision of the Egyptian Olympic Committee No. 11 of 2019 issued on 1/6/2019 in its approval of the approval of the regulations The basic principle of the modified Zamalek club and the consequences thereof are not final and not enforceable until the legally established appeal methods have been exhausted. Therefore, it is not obligatory to implement it until the legal period for challenging it has elapsed or the methods of appeal have been exhausted.

The statement added: “The Zamalek Club has the right during the legal period to appeal the decision of the Settlement and Arbitration Center, which was issued today, Wednesday, regarding the statute of the club’s statute, in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association of the Egyptian Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center, which is explained by the legal department of the ministry that once the Zamalek club takes its legal measures to appeal On the verdict, implementation will be suspended immediately, according to the statute of the Egyptian Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center.

The Ministry affirmed that it is keen to communicate now with all concerned parties to follow up all the details of the ruling issued regarding the Zamalek Club in order to preserve the entity of the club and all its vocabulary, teams and players, taking into account the football team, which the Ministry is keen on its cohesion and its removal from any problems or external influences in light of its competitions African Championship.

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