“The most dangerous bag in the world” … Trump takes the “nuclear football” inside the isolation hospital


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A report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” stated that US President Donald Trump was escorted to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital in Maryland, where he is being treated for the emerging corona virus, the most dangerous bag in the world.

According to the British newspaper, Trump’s aides transported the bag, known as “the nuclear football”, to the helicopter that transported the American president from the White House to the “Walter Reed” hospital.

The nuclear portfolio has accompanied all the presidents of the United States in the event they leave the White House since the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, after John F. Kennedy felt threatened by the small Caribbean nation.

The name of the portfolio came from the nuclear war plan in the Eisenhower era, which was based on the threat to use nuclear weapons to end the Korean War, and to give “nuclear deterrence” priority while reducing the financing of conventional military forces.

There are 3 nuclear bags distributed between the president and his deputy, while the last copy is kept in the White House, for orders to launch nuclear weapons at any time.

According to the “Daily Mail”, the bag holders are armed with “Beretta” pistols, and they have orders to shoot anyone who tries to take them.

Despite the paucity of information about the bag, the presence of a small antenna built into it indicates that it contains a satellite phone, according to Sky News.

The bag also contains a 75-page booklet containing information that informs the President of the options in his hands regarding conducting nuclear strikes, as well as maps of sites with fortified hideouts in the event of a devastating war.

And if he wants to launch a nuclear attack, the president mentions the code for the Military Command Center in Washington, DC, which completes the mission based on his instructions.

Despite the danger of the nuclear bag, history has recorded strange accidents associated with it, as it was forgotten in the presidential plane of the era of Gerald Ford in 1975, during his participation in a summit in France.

Under President Jimmy Carter, a false alarm was issued from the Air Defense Control Center stating that Russian missiles were directed at the United States, but the National Security Adviser’s delay in awakening the President prevented a disaster, as there was a denial of the monitoring process.

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