The mystery of the Indian city that seeks to drill a million wells


  • Ramya Kaushik
  • BBC

Perhaps some visitors to Renuka High School, in the southeastern Indian city of Bangalore, expect to encounter a water well inside it. But getting acquainted with some information about the densely populated neighborhood in which this school is located, on the outskirts of Bangalore, may dispel their surprise.

Although this huge, fast-growing modern city is the capital of high-tech in India, and the region in which the school is located is not much different in its characteristics from the rest of Bangalore’s neighborhoods, that part of the city appears to be an isolated island. The reason this neighborhood is so different from the rest of the city is so vital is its lack of a piped network of drinking water.

Therefore, residents resorted to reviving an ancient method of obtaining water, which is digging wells, in order to irrigate the growing thirst in this area. The hand-dug well inside the school is part of a large-scale plan to drill one million wells across Bangalore. This challenging and epic mission may help protect the Indian city from the pressures of climate change.

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