The Olympic Committee clarifies … Murtadas grievance steps against the decision to suspend him … and when will it be completed?


12:33 AM

Monday 05 October 2020

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Yasser Idris, the spokesman for the Egyptian Olympic Committee, confirmed that Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek, has the right to appeal the decision to suspend him for a period of four years, within 15 days.

Idris indicated in statements on Ontime Sports Channel, that Mortada Mansour submitted a grievance to the decision does not mean that its implementation will be stopped, pointing out that the implementation will be suspended only if there is a ruling stopping the decision.

Idris said, “Parliamentary immunity is aimed at serving society. We are a sports body governed by the Sports Law and we have no relationship with the executive or legislative authority.”

He continued: “The committee has the right to recommend issuing decisions suspending and fining club officials, when there are complaints, and we, as a committee, look at their seriousness and refer them to the investigation judge.”

He added, “The investigating judge took his decision and addressed the committee’s board of directors with it, and we have the right to take any decision against him, and therefore we approved it.”

He explained, “Mortada Mansour has the right to object to the decision within 15 days, and to submit it to the Olympic Committee, and if we reject it, then he has the right to resort to the Settlement and Arbitration Center in Egypt or the International Sports Court as he wants.”

And Abizaid: “If Murtaza Mansour obtained a ruling to suspend the decision, it will be stopped, but the idea of ​​suspending just because he submitted an appeal to the competent authorities, this is unfounded, and he is not permitted to resort to the regular courts.”

He concluded: “The entity of the Zamalek Club cannot be touched. We are a completely neutral party. We do not respond to anyone because we are a decision-making party and not because we are weak, we preserve order and sports behavior.”

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