The opening of the El Gouna Film Festival with the singing of Ramy Ayach and the presence of a tyrant stars and star appearances entitled simplicity


Opened El Gouna Film Festival The activities of its fourth session, in the midst of a large presence of Arab and Egyptian stars, and a large presence of foreign delegations participating in its activities, as the theme of the festival was to enjoy cinema with full commitment to full precautionary measures.

Ramy Ayyash sings “Dokki Ya Music”

Rami Ayash
Rami Ayash

In a special surprise prepared by the makers of the El Gouna Film Festival, the party started with the song “Doki Ya Mazika” by the Lebanese star. Rami AyashAs he emerged from the artistic crowd to sing a musical song, accompanied by applause and joy, which spread the festival atmosphere.

Majid Al-Kadwani: We prefer to dream

El Gouna Film Festival
El Gouna Film Festival

Artist Majid Al-Kadwani presented a report on the year 2020 and how the film industry collapsed due to the Corona pandemic, as the report included the conditions of countries closed by the virus and entire industries affected by depression and severe loss. After fully reviewing the loss on the film industry and artistic production, the world was able to overcome this crisis due to interconnectedness, commitment to precautionary measures, and a great belief in confidence that it is a crisis that will end.

Omar Sharif Prize

El Gouna Film Festival
El Gouna Film Festival

The Omar Sharif award went to the director Saeed Tajmawi.

Ghada Adel Belzhary

It was remarkable that the Egyptian star Ghada Adel wore a pink dress, as this color drew everyone’s attention, with which she supported breast cancer patients in the month of October dedicated to celebrating the sacrifices of cancer patients. “Adel” announced her desire to return to comedy and her new works “The Floating Plan” with Ali Rabie and Muhammad Abdel Rahman, and announced her new work, Moon 14, which will be presented in cinemas soon.

Reem Mustafa in an attractive white dress

The star Reem Mustafa appeared with a very feminine look that caught the limelight, distinguished by the white color that showed her striking femininity.

Muhammad Farraj with a very long beard

The Egyptian artist Mohamed Farag appeared with a slightly strange look, as he left his long beard with a suit closed to the chest, accompanied by his fiancee Basant Shawky. Faraj revealed his new films with the actress Mona Zaki, commenting on the film: “The black box has my woes”, and I hope everyone will watch it.

Kinda Alloush, member of the Short Film Jury

The star Kinda Alloush revealed that she was ready at the end of the festival and participated in the jury of the short films competition, that she would contest the challenge of a new comedy series, and she also praised the series Day of the Moon.

Rogina encourages soft power

It was remarkable that the star Ashraf Zaki appeared with the muzzle, and Rogina said that she encourages the soft power of Egyptian art.

A song of love story that stars Khaled El Sawy, Belba, Leila Elwi, and Yosra

French opera singer Faraj Al-Jabali sang a love story song in an operatic performance in French, then sang it in Arabic, as there were many international and Egyptian stars in the background that we lost this year, such as Hassan Hosni, Ibrahim Nasr, Mahmoud Yassin, Al-Muntasir Billah, Nadia Lotfi, Majida Al-Sabahi, George Sidhoum and other stars, Where he was noticed intense crying from Khaled El-Sawy, Bulba, Laila Elwi, Yosra and Bushra.


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