The police woke him up … a stupid thief fell asleep during a restaurant robbery … Watch what happened


Social media pioneers circulated video clips of the moment of arresting a thief at the age of 41, after he fell asleep on the floor of a restaurant while he was executing Burglary.

It is clear that the thief was falling asleep after he sneaked into the restaurant and stole him, so that the police officers who went to arrest him were not able to wake him easily, and a camera installed in one of the officers’ clothes spotted the details of what happened moment by moment since they entered the restaurant.

It should be noted that this incident occurred in the city of “Sunderland” in the north-east of England in the early hours of last Saturday morning.

The thief, who turned out to be called “Mark Cooper,” appeared in a state of confusion and astonishment as the officers woke him up, to the point where he asked them what was happening, and one of them replied, “I had broken into a restaurant,” while his colleagues tried to help him get up.

Cooper managed to steal food and alcoholic drinks after storming the restaurant. Upon finding him, he had left a piece of “cheesecake” lying on the floor beside him; Admitted while His appearance before the court He was charged with theft, and was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison.

The local police are currently investigating to find other robbers believed to be involved in the storming and theft of the restaurant, but they managed to flee before the arrival of the officers, according to a report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” today, Thursday.

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