The Prime Minister: A national number for each property that contributes to preserving properties and providing services easily


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Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting to follow up on the executive position to prepare the real estate wealth inventory and management system, in the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Eng.Khalid Al-Attar, Deputy Minister of Communications for Administrative Development, Digital Transformation and Automation.

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of expediting the implementation of the real estate inventory and management system, which leads us to a desired goal, which is to reach a national number for each property, indicating that this is a real guarantee to achieve governance in all procedures and actions related to real estate wealth, which also contributes to preserving property And providing services easily and conveniently in a short period of time, while contributing to reducing violations and infringements, and supporting Egypt’s position according to global indicators in the field of information technology and thus attracting more important global investments.

For his part, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Amr Talaat, explained that the “Real Estate Inventory and Management System” aims to achieve rational management of real estate wealth through building an accurate spatial database, integrated with the information infrastructure project of the Egyptian state, within the framework of the state’s strategy towards digital transformation. .

The minister explained that in order to achieve its goals, the system will create a unified and central database for all types of establishments, with defining building requirements in localities and urban communities, licensing data and violations for each property, as well as determining the value of real estate taxes to be collected, and ownership data through the real estate month, A statement of the actions that took place, in addition to the administrative division of each state authority, and data on consumption of utilities including water, electricity and gas.

The Deputy Minister of Communications also presented the axes of work to implement this system, which works to ensure integration between applications with each other at the level of one agency and at the level of various state agencies, such as the commercial register, tax register, civil status, agencies, and courts, as well as integration with the «portal Digital Egypt »to provide advanced services, in addition to securing the link between the participating parties with the central system, and expanding the use of satellite images in preparing the geographical database in the continuous updating of data and developing work tools.

During the meeting, Eng.Khalid Al-Attar presented a practical model for one of the services before the development and after the completion of the implementation and activation of the system, which is the work cycle for issuing a local license, where he explained the procedures required to perform this service before development, which takes about 4 months, and requires approvals from dozens of agencies, And a long time in examining requests, documents, inspection, approvals, and extracting the shop license, reviewing at the same time a number of work cycles after the development of some services, such as issuing a license and registering a property, which will be done in a more convenient way and in short the procedures and time and depending on smart applications.

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