The red berets .. Here the ascetic catches the eye with their beauty .. Watch


Posted by the artist Here ascetic ; A new picture of her through her personal account on the Instagram photos and videos website, with a new look.
And the artist flared up Here ascetic With a bold, elegant and distinctive look, she caught the eye with red checkered chemise and light blue jeans.

From the aesthetic point of view, she relied on leaving her curly hair and applying the soft makeup of pink lipstick and blush, which made her look bold and revealed her femininity.

Recall that the artist started Here ascetic Filming the first scene of the series “Helwa Al-Dunia Sukkar”, in which she is involved in her first absolute tournament.

The series “Sweetness of the World Sukkar” is written by a number of young writers, and directed by Khaled Al-Halafawi.

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