The same horror and dread every time


The actress Dalia El-Beheiry revealed her closest role in cinema and drama, and she said: I started a cinema, so my first love is cinema, it has a special charm, and I participated in the starring of 12 films. Because drama is more expressive and enjoys more than standing in front of the camera.

Dalia continued, during her interview on the program “Good Morning Egypt”, on the ON channel: my lawyer, this is the beginning of the truth with the masses with the great Muhammad Yassin, my friend and two brothers, the artist Hani Ramzy, and people are always thinking of the film Harem Karim, the embassy in architecture, and in the drama “ Ostrich feathers, ”and Nora in“ Valentino ”.

Dalia also expressed her happiness in standing before the leader Adel Imam in drama and cinema, and she said: I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Because of my ability to stand in front of him and the opportunity for me to stand before the leader twice, and I feel the same terror, prestige, dread and the most difficult fiddle .. But his glory is in the heart, purely on its own.

She said that she wished to embody a Upper Egyptian figure again, and a Pharaonic figure or his history, saying: I wish Egyptian production can return religious historical films again.


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