The secret of Ahmed Fathy not participating in the Al-Ahly match and the Moroccan Wydad


Ahmed Fathi’s absence from the main Al-Ahly squad, and he was not pushed as a substitute in the face of Moroccan Wydad, caused some fans to baffle, who believed that the “Joker” is one of the most important strengths of Al-Ahly, especially in African matches that need physical strength and great physical effort, which are things Which is characterized by Ahmed Fathy.

Wafa Bitsu Musimani With Mohamed Hany in the right-back position, he also pushed the Tunisian Ali Maaloul in the left-back position, and played in the middle of the financial stadium Alio Diang and Omar Al-Soulia, which are the centers in which Ahmed Fathy is good at playing, and Musimani believes that Ahmed Fathi is a good and useful player to the maximum degree, especially in light of his possession Large and accumulated experiences, but Fathi’s crisis is that he will leave the team permanently for the Pyramids ranks starting from the new season, and the registration date will be before the final of the African championship, and therefore Musimani wants to rely on the players who continue with him until the end of the tournament, and there is a great conviction from Musimani in his abilities. Mohamed Hani, who he sees, has great technical capabilities, but lacks the factor of strength, which is what the South African coach asked his auxiliary apparatus to improve with the international back, which was evident in the Wydad match yesterday, in which Mohamed Hani presented an outstanding level.

Musimani remains on Ahmed Fathy because he is a joker player who can play in more than one position in the event of any deficiency, whether in the misak position, right-back, left-back or midfielder, but he will not be a key player if there is no shortage, and the priority will always be for players who are continuing with the team During the next period.

Al-Ahly played the first-leg match against Wydad with a formation, made up of: Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mohamed Hani, Ayman Ashraf, Yasser Ibrahim, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Soulia, Aliou Diang, Hussein Al-Shahat, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, Junior Ajay and Marwan Mohsen, while the Wydad formation announced by the Argentine coach Miguel Jamondi included the team Both of: Rida Al-Teknouti and Abdel-Latif Naseer – Yahya Atiyat Allah – Ibrahim Najm al-Din – Yahya Gibran – Ibrahim Al-Naqqah – Walid Al-Karti – Ayman Al-Hassouni and Badi Awok – Ismail Al-Haddad – Gbagbo


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