The secret of Shweikar and the engineer’s quarrel … Surprised by her, spectators chasing him in the streets, so they asked for a refund.


Fouad Al-Muhandis and Shweikar were performing their roles in the play “Hello Dolly”, and after the end of the first chapter of the play, the audience in the Zamalek theater, on which the play was presented, was surprised that there was a very big noise behind the scenes. Chapter II.

But what no one knew was that there was a big battle being waged between the engineer and Shweikar in which Shweikar used her atomic weapon, and she was chasing her husband, who ran in front of her and was finally forced to run after her, to flee from behind the scenes into the street.The engineer thought that the matter would not develop, but he was surprised by Shoykar chasing him in the street, so he ran in front of her as if she was in a comic from a movie.

The situation worsened, and here the theater owners were forced to cancel the show and return the tickets to the audience, most of whom were from the brotherly Arab countries, according to what was published on the pages of Al Shabaka magazine.


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