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Thursday 29 October 2020

Qalyubia – Osama Alaa El-Din:

The investigations of the Toukh Prosecution Office in Qalyubia governorate revealed a new surprise in the incident of leaving a baby to die of starvation inside his parents ’apartment in the village of Kafr al-Fuqaha, after the prosecution listened to the statements of the defendants neighbors, in addition to unloading the calls that took place between the spouses during the time the child left them alone in the house.

The prosecution explained that the accused “mother” confirmed that her phone automatically recorded the conversations taking place through it, and after examining the Public Prosecutor, the Public Prosecution listened to a conversation between her and her husband in which he told her that he was heading back to their home, and he asked her about the baby and she replied that she had left him. To take care of him and not know anything about him, then they turned in their conversation to other matters, not indifferent to the condition of the infant.

For her part, Shahd, 14, a neighbor of the child’s parents, Anas, denied, during the investigations of the prosecution, the child’s mother’s allegations that she had contacted her and asked her to go up to the apartment, to check on the baby, two days after she left the marital home to her family’s home, following a disagreement with her husband before he traveled to work.

Shahd added that this did not happen and no one called her, and no one prevented her from going up to the house and checking on the child, as the mother mentioned in the investigations, and her family promoted their conversation about the incident on behalf of her.

Yesterday, Wednesday, the opposition judge at Toukh Partial Court ordered the renewal of the detention of the parents of Tookh’s infant, for causing the death of their 4-month-old son, Anas, after they left him alone without feeding for 9 full days until he died of starvation.

The Prosecutor of Toukh Police Station charged the parents of Rabd’a Toukh with 4 charges, the first of which was premeditated murder, wrongly causing the death of a person and exposing a child to danger, and the fourth, exposing a child to danger by leaving a place free of human beings.

The Director of Security, Major General Fakhr Al-Arabi, received a notification from Brigadier General Tamer Moussa, the head of the Toukh Center, of a report from “AH – Amel”, that he had discovered the death of his son, Anas.A.A. – 4 months old, inside his residence, accusing his wife, A. SHN – 24 years old, they left their little boy alone until he died.

In the investigations, the father of the child reported that there were ongoing disputes with his wife, and that he was staying in his workplace for several continuous days due to those disputes, and that upon his return to his residence he discovered the infant’s death.

Brigadier General Khaled al-Muhammadi, head of the directorate’s investigations, moved to the site of the accident, and by examining, conducting investigations and collecting information, it was found that on the 17th of this October, a dispute occurred between the reported husband and his wife, and she went out of their home, accompanied by her second child, Marwan, under the pretext of bringing some Purchases, except that she went to her family’s house in the same area without the husband’s knowledge.

The investigations of Lieutenant Colonel Mahmoud Ismail, head of the investigations of the Toukh Center, added that with the wife’s delay in returning to her home, her husband went to work, leaving the baby inside the apartment alone, while the door to the residence was not closed, believing that his wife would return after completing her purchase of her requirements, which was not It happens, as the husband discovers the death of their child after days spent at work.

By asking the mother of the deceased child, she confirmed the contents of what came with the examination, and explained her failure to return to reassure her infant that she believed that the father of the child accompanies him and takes care of him.

A report on the incident was drawn up, while the prosecution investigated the accusation of the parents of negligence that caused the death of their infant.

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