The silent carrier of the Corona virus … infected without symptoms


According to the latest British statistics, 86% of the UK population have tested positive for corona COVID-19 During the lockdown, they did not show specific symptoms of the virus (cough, fever, and / or loss of taste / smell).

A new study by University of California researchers finds that a more widespread testing program is needed to catch “silent” transmission and reduce future outbreaks.

The paper, published today in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, was used. Clinical Epidemiology‘, Data from an infection survey pilot study from the Office for National Statistics for Coronavirus (COVID-19A large population survey looking at the relationship between symptoms Covid-19 Results Covid-19.

British study
British study

The research included data from a representative population sample of 36,061 people who were tested between April 26 and June 27, 2020 and provided information on whether they had any symptoms.

The data showed that 115 (0.32%) people out of a total of 36,061 people in the pilot study had a positive test result, focusing on people with specific symptoms of COVID-19 (Cough, fever, and / or loss of sense of taste / smell), 158 (0.43%) had such symptoms on the day of the test.

Of the 115 with a positive result, 16 (13.9%) reported symptoms and in contrast, 99 (86.1%) did not report any specific symptoms on the day of testing.

The study also includes data on people who reported a wide range of symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath.Among the sample that tested positive, 27 (23.5%) had symptoms and 88 (76.5%) were asymptomatic on the day of the test.

The authors say the results have major implications for both ongoing and future testing programs.

Professor Irene Petersen of (UCLA Department of Epidemiology and Healthcare) explained: “The fact that many people who tested positive did not show symptoms on the day of a positive test result requires a change in future testing strategies. Extensive testing is to prevent future outbreaks.

She added that future testing programs should include repeated tests for a larger group of individuals, not only cases that show symptoms, especially in high-risk places or places where many people work or live near each other, such as meat factories or university halls, and it can be The pooled test is one of the ways to help implement a large-scale testing strategy, as many tests are grouped together in one analysis to save time and resources in individual testing, and this strategy will be an effective method for testing when the overall prevalence is as low as the pooled negative samples can appear Quickly that a large group of people is not contagious. “

The authors note that several studies have highlighted a smaller percentage of individuals who test positive for Covid-19 They are asymptomatic, however, and the prevalence of asymptomatic cases varies widely, possibly due to sampling and study conditions.

For example, the study indicates that of the 262 confirmed cases admitted to hospitals in Beijing, 13 (5%) were asymptomatic.


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