The son cuts off his mother’s tongue and burns her body .. New details in “Faisal’s crime”


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Muhammad al-Saeed, the owner of a shoe manufacturing workshop, sits in front of the house of the accused of killing his mother by “pouring” boiled oil on her body in the Faisal area of ​​Giza, remembering the details of the incident with grief: “May God have mercy on her … I rest from her son’s torment.”

All the neighbors, including “Al-Saeed”, know about the constant assaults of the accused “Nasser M.” against his elderly mother. They say: “One day before he killed her, he cut off part of her tongue for her.”

Conflicts took place between the son and his mother, a former government employee, after she spent part of her pension on buying medicine for her. As a result, “Nasser” assaulted his mother: “Did you spend the money from and why?” The neighbor remembers the details of this fight, and his eyes tear. His heart is an iota of mercy. ”

Exactly a month before the crime that shook the feelings of the people of the region, by describing the sixty-year-old man, the son separated from his wife by “divorce”: “His treatment of her was very bad, along with insults and his tongue.”

Psychological troubles, afflicted the young suspect in his thirties after he was dismissed from his job, “He was a police officer and was fired.” One of the defendant’s friends says that what added to these troubles “did not produce children since his marriage.”

“By scolding me that I am not behind.” … the accused justifies during the investigations of the South Giza Accidents Prosecution Office, committing the crime, “My mother told me this, and I could not bear my nerves and hit her.” And he disavowed those who intentionally killed his mother, saying, Burns ».

While one of the eyewitnesses described the body of “Umm Nasser”: “The flesh was falling off.”

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