The son of a famous artist: “My mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and I don’t have any questions about her” – Think and Art – East and West


Sherif Ahmed Abdel Halim said that his mother, the artist, Aida Abdel Aziz, who is 90 years old, developed Alzheimer’s after the death of his father, artist Ahmed Abdel Halim.

Abdel Halim added, during a telephone interview with the “ninth” program broadcast on Channel One on Wednesday, that his mother forgot the recent and new events and remembers only the old and distant events, and that her current condition is stable, pointing out that no one was asked about her in the artistic community after the death of the artist Raja Al-Jeddawi, according to newspapers. Egyptian.

He pointed out that his mother forgot about the death of his father and asked her constantly and felt sad again upon telling her of his death years ago, pointing out that his mother had a broken pelvis recently.



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