The sons of Talaat Zakaria commemorate their father with a song in the voice of his daughter Emmy (video)


On the anniversary of the departure of the artist Talaat Zakaria, the ninth program, broadcast on Channel 1 of the Egyptian TV, hosted the sons of the late artist Emmy and Omar, where Emmy said that she thought to do something and did not mean that it would be from Emmy to Talaat Zakaria, but in order for the song to express every girl who lost Her father, and that my brother Omar supported me a lot.

Emmy added that she works as an actress, not a singer, and Omar Abdo is the one who wrote the lyrics of the song.

She confirmed that everyone in the center was interested in knowing her condition after the death of her father, especially Emmy Samir Ghanem and Dunya, because she was very close to her father.

While Omar Talaat Zakaria, I was going down with my father and I liked to be an actor and he used to say to me you are a production manager and he tells me because it is my appearance and voice that says that, and he completely hated the medium and for the first time I worked as a director of a photography site, and I worked more than something after that and people helped me a lot And the directors knew that I was the son of Talaat Zakaria and they used to test me in some short scenes, and my father did not intervene at all to provide work for me or my mother.

Emmy said, “Our work with my father was wronging us. I was late at one point while changing clothes and he asked the production to raise me from the scene, and he used to oppress us in the wages. My dad was shocked and said I was so tired of this world.


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