The story of 3 pictures in which Kenzi Amr Diab appeared with a scratchy hand


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Kenzi Amr Diab

An extensive case of controversy, it caused Kenzi DiabDaughter of the artist, Amr Diab, from his second wife, Zeina Ashour, from time to time because of the photographic materials that she shares through her official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, which includes “shameless” hand movements.

They “monitored 3 pictures of” Kenzi “with a” shameless “hand movement during the following paragraphs.

A short while ago, she shared a video clip on “Astori”, in which she appeared in a dark-colored “astomy” with loose-fitting, loose-fitting pants, and a long winter jacket, while dancing with a friend of hers, to make an indecent hand movement while swaying to the tones of a foreign song.

Two months ago, she published two pictures of her, in a white, short “half aesthetic” with an open belly, and loose-fitting trousers in shades of blue, with curly blonde hair and simple make-up, deliberately performing the same outward movement, which caused widespread criticism of her.

Kenzi Diab’s mother, Zeina Ashour, was keen to admire the video material, just as she does in all of her daughter’s posts on “Instagram”.

Last August, “Kenzi” chose to put a personal picture “profile” on “Instagram” containing a picture that includes the same movement, but she decided to change it in conjunction with being criticized by followers, including: “My daughter, be free of your picture .. You are the most famous girl.” A singer in the Arab world. ”

It is noteworthy that “Kenzi” congratulated her father, “the plateau” on his 59th birthday, which fell on Sunday, October 11th, when she published a group of rare pictures that they had collected in her childhood.

“Kenzi” published two pictures from her childhood and was carried by her father, artist Amr Diab, and another image from her youth when he kissed her, and commented on the pictures: “Happy Birthday Babi.”

On October 11, the artist Amr Diab celebrated his 59th birthday, and he was born in Port Said.


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