The strangest views of the stars in the El Gouna Festival


2:00 PM

Sunday 25 October 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

The stars of art were keen to appear elegant looks at the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session, but despite this we saw some strange and unconventional costumes

“Masrawy” shows you the strangest looks of the stars of art at the El Gouna Festival.

1-Cynthia Khalifa:

Lebanese TV presenter and actress Cynthia Khalifa sparked controversy on social media because of her appearance at the El Gouna Festival in its fourth session, and Cynthia appeared wearing a baby blue suit that tends towards men’s designs. The man of the pants is at the bottom of the shoes, and from the top, Cynthia did not rely on wearing a top or a chemise under the suit jacket, and adopted Curly’s hairstyle with random, untidy styling, with large-sized glasses.

2-Sarah Abdel Rahman:

Sarah wore a short dress with a cape cut, similar to a shawl, a mixture of blue, pink, white, olive and mustard colors, with a ruffle cut at the waist, and she coordinated with the dress a white and silver slipper bag, and simple accessories made of colliery and earring, and she adopted a strong make-up, leaving her hair hanging down. .

3- Media personality Maha Al Sagheer (wife of artist Ahmed El Sakka):

The journalist Maha Al Saghir appeared with a strange look on Red Carpet with the opening of the activities of the first day of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fourth session, and Maha Al Sagheer wore a long fuchsia dress, and wore a black blazer above, which made the look inconsistent with the event and the red carpet.

4- Zainab Gharib:

Zainab adopted a dress in the story of the princesses in the mauve metallic color, the design of the dress was strange and incomprehensible, especially in the chest area, and the material also does not suit an important event such as the El Gouna Film Festival, and on the second day, she adopted plastic pants and a black blazer.

5- Shirin Reza:

Sherine wore a dress from the signature of fashion designer Rami El-Kady, which came with a strange design in the form of a wing, and adopted his multi-braided hair with nude makeup.


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