The submission for a period of two months … the conditions and details of converting agricultural land to minting


12:54 PM

Saturday 10 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Cairo governorate announced the opening of the application for the application of agricultural lands (damaged mud) from the agricultural space, for the second time after it was announced in 2019.

The announcement agreed that those who wish to apply must go to the Technology Center in the General Office of Cairo Governorate or the technological centers in the neighborhoods, during the period from 1/10/2020 to 1/12/2020.

The decision relates to all agricultural land plots within the governorate’s scope of maintaining the various neighborhoods in the 4 regions (north – south – east – west) to reduce the phenomenon of random construction in the governorate.

A source explained to Masrawy that there is a lot of agricultural land that has become interspersed with buildings. As a result of random urban sprawl in the past years, and this land, despite being within the scope of housing, is being dealt with according to agricultural possession.

The source stressed that by submitting requests to “subtract lands” for the different neighborhoods, every request will be studied, approved or rejected according to the conditions that preserve the civilized form and fight slums in the governorate.

The following are the required documents and regulations for the Land Destruction Committee:

Contract of the land subject of the request.

Cadastral map from 1 to 5000 meters.

The announcement clarified the possibility of completing the remaining documents after examining the application, namely:

– A survey determining list from the Survey Authority of the location of the land subject of the registered contract.

A cadastral map from 1 to 2500 meters on which the land is located, approved by the Survey Authority.

An official statement of real estate taxes stating that the land is among the costs that are subject to the agricultural lands tax.

– Real estate disposal certificate for the land subject of the contract.

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