The Trump Deception: From Normalization to the Renaissance Dam


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Trump described the peace agreement between Sudan and Israel as being concluded without “a drop of blood in the sand,” a term befitting Trump, as it sounds grandiose but is meaningless. He added that there are five other Arab countries willing to normalize relations with Israel, including Saudi Arabia, but the American elections will take place within a few days, making it impossible to conclude other agreements now.

The normalization agreements came at an inappropriate time. Usually agreements a few months before the presidential elections are subject to disagreement in the event of the departure of the president who oversaw their conclusion, as happened in the Iranian nuclear agreement that was signed in July 2015 after negotiations and disagreements that lasted for more than ten years and were signed. America and the permanent members of the Security Council, in addition to Germany, a few months before the end of the second term of “Obama”, then “Trump” came and announced his country’s withdrawal from him in 2018. Sudan was pressured to normalize in exchange for removing its name from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism officially After Khartoum transferred the amount of 335 million dollars to Washington as agreed compensation, which concerns the victims of the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. The US Secretary of State “Mike Pompeo” urged Congress to pass the agreement to remove Sudan from the terrorist lists quickly before mid-October, under the pretext of speedy compensation for the victims. “Jared Kushner,” the godfather of normalization, strived to complete these agreements before the end of Hama’s mandate, providing Israel with free gifts that it had not dreamed of and more than his plans in the so-called “deal of the century.” Khartoum paid a huge sum to America, and agreed to the return of a large number of Sudanese immigrants who entered Israel illegally during the past years, and thus Israel solved one of its pressing internal problems!


Trump is not a politician. He does not pay attention to international law. He has not studied history and does not understand geography. His interest is limited to satisfying the Zionist lobby, which is strongly and persistently supported by his son-in-law, Kushner, and he did not think about America’s image as a superpower that should sponsor a real peace agreement that would lead to The stability of the region, where the Palestinians will be compensated and the establishment of their independent state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The Gulf’s fears about Iran will not calm it with normalization with Israel, rather it will complicate the situation .. and Sudan’s hopes for a way out of its stumbling block and its return to the international community and the possibility of obtaining loans to improve its living conditions and start the recovery of its ruined economy will not be realized as you hope, but rather the burdens of loans and interventions resulting from it will increase. It will become more difficult in the Sudanese interior, which is divided over normalization.


Last Friday, after Trump announced the agreement to normalize relations between Sudan and Israel, he criticized Ethiopias hard-line stance on the negotiations of the Renaissance Dam, saying that Egypt might “blow up” it because it would not be able to live in this way … a statement that sparked mixed reactions, and some considered it approval An American implication that Egypt carried out military action against the dam that prevents it from being a lifeline, and I do not know why the matter reminded me of the ambiguous position of the American ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, who was said to have given a “green light” for Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait while she was meeting with him before the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait In a few days, it was the beginning of the catastrophe and destruction of Iraq.

America, by virtue of its position, has many influential pressure cards … so why did it not use it with Ethiopia, especially as it hosted the Renaissance Dam talks in November of last year and ended with great disappointment to Egypt, so Ethiopia did not sign the agreement despite Egypt’s signing of it ?! Why did Trump remain silent To surprise the world with this exciting statement a few days before the start of elections that will determine his fate in the White House ?!.

The American president, throughout his presidency, did not provide solutions to the accumulated crises of our planet, on the contrary, his narcissistic personality made him want to impose his unilateral vision on the world, in which he removed allies before competitors, he did not provide the world or the Arab region with any aid or solutions by virtue of his position as the head of the most powerful country in the year militarily Economically, but he strove to demolish the rules of the existing world order without offering a better alternative to a new world order .. The vacuum he created with his stances will soon be filled by emerging global powers.

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