The uncle of “Baby Toukh” detonates a surprise: my sister called her neighbor to check on her baby before his death.


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Fares Antar El-Desouki, the maternal uncle of the child “Anas,” who was a victim of the stubbornness of his parents who let him die of starvation for 9 days in their apartment in the village of Kafr al-Fuqaha in Batookh, revealed a surprise in the case.

El-Desouki said that his accused sister used his mobile phone and called her neighbor two days after she left the marital home, that is, a week before the matter was discovered, and she asked her to go up to her apartment to see the child.

The accused’s brother added that the neighbor told his sister that she could not go up to the apartment, although his sister argued that she had some things in the apartment’s refrigerator, but her neighbor told her there was no one.

The child’s uncle explained that his sister and her husband were constantly in dispute throughout their marriage, and that he was surprised that she came home several days before the accident and told him and her father that she had a quarrel with her husband and that he took the baby from her.

The child’s grandmother told his father, in her statement to the prosecution, that she was in her house and was surprised by her sister, telling her that they discovered that her grandson had died in the apartment 9 days ago and worms were eating his body, and that the detectives were present in her son’s apartment.

The grandmother added that on the day her son’s wife left the house, she asked him to give her a sum of money, so he told her that he had already given her 1,300 pounds, and that her son on the day the incident was discovered was returning from work and was surprised by the child lying dead on the bed.

The Toukh prosecutor’s office decided to hand over the child “Marwan”, the brother of the victim, to his mother’s grandmother, after her decision to renew the imprisonment of the two spouses in the incident. The parents were charged with 4 charges of premeditated murder, premeditation, and wrongly causing the death of a person as a result of negligence, recklessness, disrespect, and endangering a child And exposing a child under the age of 7, by leaving a place devoid of humans.

The director of Qalyubia security received a notification from Brigadier General Tamer Moussa, the warden of the Toukh Center, stating that a communication had been received from “A. H, a worker, after discovering the death of his 4-month-old son, Anas A.A.A., inside his residence, accusing his wife, 24-year-old SHA, of leaving their little one alone until he died of starvation

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