The United Kingdom pledges to operate all homes with wind energy .. know details


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a plan to operate all homes in the Kingdom relying on wind energy by 2030, and the Engadget technology website revealed that it is an ambitious project, and requires serious investments in new wind turbines over the next decade, but it may constitute a major step towards achieving emissions reduction goals. Carbon, which was identified in the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

Johnson announced that the United Kingdom will invest $ 207 million in factories to develop onshore and offshore turbines, and they should collectively produce 40 gigawatts of energy to run all the country’s homes, which according to the site report is four times the wind energy the Kingdom currently produces..

During a Conservative Party conference, Boris Johnson said, “We will run with clean energy your washing machine, your stove, your heating, your electric vehicle charger and your heater, and all your appliances will be electrified by the breezes that blow on these islands.”.

These ambitions may not match the reality of the United Kingdom, as a complete switch to wind energy by 2030 is much more expensive than the prime minister expected, as research firm Aurora Energy Research expects that the project will actually cost $ 64.6 billion, and in practice the kingdom will need, on average, to create a new turbine every week. Over the next decade.

Regardless, the UK may persist in setting ambitious climate targets, and moreover, The Financial Times reports that the country may support hydrogen-fueled transportation and ban fossil fuel vehicles..


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