The winch returns to the image .. And the participation of Alaa, Juma and Obama was confirmed in front of hope


The decision of the African Union to postpone the match between Zamalek and Moroccan Raja in the second leg before the African Champions League final, to carry happy news for the technical staff of Zamalek, led by Portuguese Pacheco, after it was confirmed that the trio Youssef Obama, Mahmoud Alaa and Hazem Imam joined the match after its new date, as doubts were surrounding the trios participation in The match is held on schedule next Sunday.

A source in the medical apparatus revealed, surely, that Mahmoud Hamdi Al-Wansh is performing an intensive rehabilitation program consisting of two sessions per day and until November 2, which will contribute to his participation in the match after it is postponed.

The source added that the winch will be ready to participate in the match after postponing the surgery decision, urging him suffering from a cartilage cut, stressing that the postponement will give the medical device an opportunity to also equip everyone Mahmoud Alaa And Joseph Obama, Hazem Imam and Abdullah Jumaa, and their participation without the need for painkillers or participation under urgent circumstances.

On the other hand, the coach gave special instructions to Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, the midfielder of the team, most notably the transfer of the ball quickly and not having it for long periods in order not to lose the ball easily, as Pacheco intends to rely on Shikabala as a strategic alternative in the match, and Pacheco assured Shikabala that he is wrong with the slow running With the ball, which makes him more required to pass the ball than to keep it.

Pacheco had held several sessions with the players on the sidelines of training in the past few days aimed at raising the morale of the players, and asked them to score an early goal at the start of the match to demoralize the opponent, as Pacheco stressed that Raja players have high ambitions in the possibility of hijacking the match by taking advantage of the one goal difference. In the first leg.

Pacheco and his assistants were keen to direct some instructions to the players, correct some specific technical matters, and Pacheco spoke with the players on some technical points, as well as discussed with them on planning matters and special tasks performed on the field, and the coach also stressed in the presence of his assistants to continue working strongly, and strong preparation, The focus is only on training and not anything else, stressing that this is an important and decisive stage in the team’s journey in achieving the goal of winning the next match against Moroccan hope, and then reaching the final and achieving the championship. .

The technical director praised the players ’high fighting spirit in continuing to work, and the determination to achieve the goal, adding that everyone has the opportunity and strength to be present during the coming period, provided that the work continues with strength and focus.


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