The woman is a wish Egyptian today


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I swear by Almighty God that the crisis of the woman, the young woman, and the girl child in Egypt is not the appointment of a minister and an ambassador and (the election) of a female deputy. Also, the story is not “the one who controls the Six Egyptian House” or “The Six in Upper Egypt is strong and controlling other than what you think.” The dilemma does not lie in reminding the offender and the harasser that he has a sister, a mother, a wife, and a daughter who can be exposed to what he does with “the daughters of people.” The story and what is in it is that the female in Egypt since the 1970s is not a true one. The imported culture and the distorted version of religion that was left to rage in the regions of Egypt and the silence of the state and the subservience of the people all led to intense and rapid erosion, necrosis, and erosion processes that made them “wishful thinking”, such as those that run in the streets without a license sometimes turn on their side and reach their goal exhausted and sometimes corroded.

And for those who marvel and raise their eyebrows with astonishment at saying that the educated female who possesses a free mind and the ability to think and fortune escaped her from the hiss of atonement and the obsession of the self-forbidden she breathed lives in our society while she carries deep psychological and mental wounds because she is a female refuses to be a number in the herd. The female who sees herself as divine gifts other than her reproductive organs, her ability to seduce, her potential to give birth to children, and her household queens in cooking, sweeping and controlling the family scale, suffers severe suffering. Why? Because since she opens the door to her house and is preparing to go down the street, she knows that she is on the verge of a frenzied struggle to clear her square in front of Al-Khodari, who considers her a rogue woman, the microbus driver who looks at her as a “machine”, and the sheikh who looks at her with a hostile look because she does not follow the ISO standards agreed upon half ago. A century, the school teacher who tells his students that it is a model that should not be followed, and the government employee who disrupts its dealings because it does not match the mental image on which he grew up of what the “harem” should be, to the end of the daily transactions list.

Slaughter and necrosis operations that deformed the Egyptian female since the seventies of the last century made the precious time of Dar al-Iftaa and the thoughtful thought of the Al-Azhar Foundation preoccupied with the people’s questions: Does the woman have the right to go out to the street ?, What are the standards of beating that the husband must follow to discipline his wife ?, Does cutting prayer only happen? Because of the black dog, the donkey, and the woman? .. And the important questions that concern the nation, the people and society are frequent. Some of them try to be a lenient moderate and asks perhaps the intended menstruating woman, but another surprises him: not what is meant by the woman who has reached the age of menstruation, and the disputants resort to our evacuated sheikhs to reach a solution For this major crisis, the examples and models are countless. The reason that they are countless is not because they are so numerous, but because it is “nested” in the minds and hearts of millions of Egyptians and Egyptians. I know very well that there are very few hissing survivors and survivors, but God is victorious.

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