They burned her body .. Two young men kill their sister for doubting her behavior in al-Sharqi


10:48 AM

Wednesday 07 October 2020

Eastern Province – Fatima Al-Deeb:

The security services of the Eastern Security Directorate uncovered the mystery of the fact that a girl was found lying in the middle of crops in the village of Zahrat Sharb, which belongs to Minya al-Qamh, with traces of burns in the upper part. It turns out that her two brothers killed her and burned her body because they suspected her behavior.

Major General Ibrahim Abdel Ghaffar, Director of Eastern Security, had been notified by Major General Ayman Matar, Deputy Director of Security for the South and Tenth of Ramadan Sector, that a body had been found, dumped in an agricultural land.

By moving and examining it, it became clear that the girl was 32 years old, while the necessary report was released, and by referring to the Public Prosecution office, it decided to assign a forensic committee to dissect the body and explain the cause of death.

It was found that behind the commission of the incident were the brother of the victim, who had lured her into the agricultural area and stabbed her with a knife, and set fire to the top of her body. Due to their doubts about her behavior, while the two defendants were arrested and detained at the disposal of the Public Prosecution, which ordered their detention for 4 days pending investigations.

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