They saw the resemblance between Muhammad Ramadan and his daughter, a treasure … a picture


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published some of the photos of him on his personal and official account on the social networking site Instagram, and he appeared in those pictures with his daughter Kenz.

Pictures of the artist Muhammad Ramadan and his daughter Kenz, and the similarity between them is clear:

And through those pictures that brought together the artist Muhammad Ramadan and his daughter, they appeared together while playing at home while he carried it on his shoulder in another picture, and the audience and followers noticed the apparent similarity between them.

It is worth noting that the artist Mohamed Ramadan has announced that he will participate in the Ramadan 2021 drama season through the Musa series, and filming will begin at the end of the current month of October, because work requires great time and effort to appear as well as required.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, recently released the song Ya Habibi, in partnership with Miter James, and achieved great success and a high viewership after it was put on the official channel on the YouTube Views website.

On the other hand, the last work of the artist Muhammad Ramadan was the Al-Prince series that was shown in the last Ramadan drama season 2020, written and directed by Muhammad Sami and starring Nour Al-Bananiyah, Edward, Ahmed Zahir, Rogina, Muhammad Alaa, Ahmed Dash, Rehab Al-Jamal and Donia Abdel Aziz.


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