“They stabbed him in his heart” … Details of the killing of a student at the hands of his colleagues in Marj


05:36 PM

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of a student, for 4 days, pending investigations, and also ordered the arrest and bringing of two other students; To accuse them of killing a student during a quarrel in the Ezbet Al-Nakhl area.

The Al-Marj Police Department had received a notification from the residents stating that there had been a quarrel in one of the streets in the district’s district, and a dead person Upon transmission and examination, the report was found to be authentic, as was the death of a student named “Muhammad.

By conducting investigations, it was found that 3 of his friends were behind the commission of the crime, after a verbal altercation broke out between them, which developed into a quarrel, so one of the accused took out a penknife and hit the victim with 7 separate stabs in the stomach and chest areas, then they fled, but the families managed to catch one of them and he was handed over to the police station.

A report on the incident was drawn up and forwarded to the Public Prosecution, which decided to transfer the body to the Zeinhom morgue for autopsy with the knowledge of the forensic doctor to determine the causes of death, and to authorize the burial after the autopsy.

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