This is what Kuwait reaps from expatriates .. Shops specialized in selling pornographic films around me, and this is what happened!


The security services threw in Arresting two expatriates promoting pornographic films in Hawalli, in preparation for their deportation to their countries of origin.

The beginning was when information was received by the criminal security sector about foreign sales and promotions And that they are taking a place specialized in selling films as a place to promote these films, according to local media.

A team of detectives went out and the shop was closed, and the two immigrants were transferred to the Administrative Deportation Department for deportation to their country.

It is worth noting that Kuwait suffers from an excess rate Of the total country’s 70%, and the population of Kuwait is 4.8 million, of whom Kuwaitis make up one million and 450 thousand citizens, compared to 3 million and 350 thousand expatriates, which the government sees as a defect that should be corrected.

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