This is what Omar Hariri’s daughter hid from her father


Merritt, the daughter of the late Egyptian artist Omar Hariri, said that she was responsible for hiding her father’s disease with cancer, taking into account his psychological state, for 4 years before his death.

During her hosting of the “8 Subh” program, which is shown on the DMC channel, Merritt Hariri said, “I assumed the responsibility of knowing about my father’s illness and I chose to be unacceptable if he knew it would have died in the moment.”

She added, “Omar Hariri had positive energy and the artist could not say that you wore the red suit .. His psychological state was always high because the brutal psyche gets tired,” noting that she was keen for Omar Hariri to live with the disease and continue to work.

Merritt indicated that she was seeking to enter the acting portal through elaborate small roles, but production companies were rejecting the pretext that these roles are not worthy of the artist Omar Hariri’s value.


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