Thunderstorms and torrential rain … the government declares the peak of the bad weather wave


11:24 AM

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Books – Muhammad Ghayat:

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, held a meeting to follow up on a number of reports issued by the Forecast Center, at the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, and the General Authority for Meteorology, at the Ministry of Civil Aviation, on the expected weather conditions during the coming period, in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Atti, Minister of Resources Water and Irrigation, Major General Hisham Tahoun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Meteorology, and a number of officials of the Ministry and the Authority.

Dr. Mustafa Madbouly directed to send detailed reports on the state of the weather during the coming days to the governorates and the new cities’ agencies, to prepare themselves for immediate handling in the areas where heavy rains are expected, especially during the peak days of this wave, which is expected, according to reports, Friday and Saturday.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister assigned the concerned ministries and the various governorates to raise the level of preparedness, and to ensure the availability of the necessary equipment to deal with any repercussions that may occur as a result of the country’s exposure to a state of instability in weather conditions during the coming days, stressing the continued operation of all crisis management rooms, To deal immediately with any developments related to instability in weather conditions.

Counselor Nader Saad, the official spokesman for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, stated that a report on the expected weather for the Arab Republic of Egypt was reviewed during the period from today, October 20, until next Sunday, the 25th of the same month, as it was indicated that it is expected that The country is witnessing a state of instability in weather conditions, and moderate, torrential and sometimes thunderstorm rains fall in a number of regions of the Republic, while it may reach the level of torrents in other regions such as North and Central Sinai, this is in addition to the attendant decrease in temperatures with values ​​ranging From 4 to 5 degrees as of Thursday, October 22nd on the northern coasts, the Lower Sea, and the northern Upper Egypt.

A number of maps of the expected rainfall during the coming period, the regions and governorates affected by these rains, were reviewed, and an estimate of the amount of rain expected in the various regions of the Republic.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Major General Hisham Tahoun indicated that the authority provided many means to follow the latest updates and developments of the weather forecast, including the daily bulletins issued through the authority, the weekly weather forecast, in addition to the possibility to follow the official page of the authority on the social networking site Facebook , As well as the official website of the authority on the Internet, or through direct contact with the authority via the phone numbers designated to receive inquiries on weather conditions over the 24 hours.

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