Tijana reveals the details of changing the position of Tariq Yahya in Zamalek


Ismail Youssef, member of the board of directors of Zamalek club, acting treasurer and general supervisor of football, confirmed that the club’s board of directors, headed by Counselor Mortada Mansour, decided to appoint Ghanem Sultan as head of the football sectors, and Tariq Yahya as head of the technical committee for the youth sector, adding in statements to the website The official Zamalek, that a meeting was held in the presence of Farouk Jafar, the sports advisor to the board of directors, with Ghanem Sultan and Tariq Yahya, during which the Sultan took over the tasks from Yahya, who used to hold this position, stressing that the club’s sons serve Zamalek in any position and at any time.

Tariq Yahya confirmed during statements via Zamalekawy presented by Ahmed Gamal on the Zamalek TV channel: “I was amazed that some websites circulated the news of my dismissal from my position, and I am not looking for positions in Zamalek.” He continued: “Counselor Mortada Mansour, a curve of technical responsibilities in the sector. Junior and not only administrative, and I thank him for this trust. “

Fans are watching Zamalek Their team match against Ismaili, scheduled to be held at 8 pm today, Monday, within the competitions of the last round of the Premier League competition, which will be held at Cairo Stadium, during which Al-Abyad seeks to achieve victory to win second place in the local competition in order to formally qualify to participate officially in the next edition In the African Champions League, after Al-Ahly was officially crowned in the league championship and won the first cards eligible to participate in the African championship, and if the Whites achieved victory over the Dervishes, he would be the second qualified to participate in the Champions League competitions, regardless of the outcome of the third-place Pyramids match, in the last round of the league, where The latter will meet with the Arab Contractors, next Saturday, in the framework of the last round of the League.

Zamalek wants to win against Ismaily to ensure the second place, which he currently occupies with 68 points, after playing 33 games, during which he won 20 games, tied in 8 confrontations and was defeated in 5 matches, while he scored 47 goals and received 26 goals, while Pyramids occupied the place. The third with 64 points, after he played 33 matches, during which he won 19 matches, tied in 7 matches and was defeated in the same, while he scored 52 goals and conceded 31 goals, noting that Al-Abyad will deduct three points from his tally at the end of the tournament for not competing with Al-Ahly in the first round. For not going to the match stadium, while Ismaily ranked ninth in the excellent league table, with 41 points, after playing 33 matches, during which he won 11 matches, tied in 8 confrontations and defeated in 14 matches, scored 37 goals and conceded 45 goals.


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