Tips to avoid spying on your smartphone .. Try it


Yevgeny Chertok, head of the information technology department in the Russian software company “Rexoft”, revealed what an ordinary user can use to get rid of spying on him through his smartphone.

This was stated by him in an interview he gave to the Russian “Prime” agency, however, the expert said that you can get rid of the spying that some commercial advertising companies do on you by deleting some of the transferred applications that you downloaded on your smartphone, and he explained that all the applications The one you downloaded is spying on you and you can make sure of this by means of an external communication recorder that will show hundreds of anonymous connections between your smartphone and the world.

And he continued, such applications most often collect information about your location and your interests, and the expert added, “With the download of applications on your smartphone, you make your camera, your news and your radio fully available to it.”

On the other hand, researchers from ESET have warned of a new spy program for the Android platform that can record your phone calls, steal your contacts and read your private messages. According to the British Mirror website, the spy program, called Android / SpyC23.A, is distributed via a fake Android app store, using Known as lure applications.

“We have identified a fake Android app store used to distribute malware,” said ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko, adding, “Malware was hidden in apps pretending to be Android Update, Threema and Telegram.


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