Tired in favor of Juma: do not think so that you electrified you alone.


Imad Mutaib, the former Al-Ahly club star, spoke about Saleh Jumaas return to the squad and participating in the Enppi meeting.

Saleh Jumaa participated in the Al-Ahly club match against the Enppi club, which brought the two teams together at Wai Al Salam Stadium, the new stronghold of the Red Devils, which came within the framework of the 32nd round of the Egyptian League Championship.

In the analytical studio on Ontime Sport channels, Imad Mutaib confirmed that he loves Saleh Jumaa very much, but he must know that he has not reached anything yet and that his participation today and his entry into the list of recent matches does not mean that he has achieved anything yet.

He added that Saleh has to complete his way now and continue, indicating that he should not think that once he created an opportunity or a loneliness for Mahmoud Kahraba, he had reached the required level, but rather he had to complete his path.

Imad Mutab insisted that Saleh Jumaa possesses wonderful capabilities and that he should continue to say that it is “forbidden for him” and that wasting this talent that he possesses is a very unfortunate thing, and he has to commit to only this period and after his retirement, let him do whatever he likes “even if he walks on the roof.”

The former Al-Ahly sniper sent a message to Saleh’s friends and confirmed that they are as if he were his friends. They should advise him in order to commit to the team and focus on the ball only, stressing that the player’s age is short in the green rectangle and he must invest it, stressing that he personally wishes that he returns again to the stadiums, but He is not able, therefore, for the benefit of him, he must abide so that he does not regret later on with great remorse.


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