To Whom It May Concern … Egyptian society is in danger


One of the serious contradictions that Egypt is experiencing in recent years is that despite the great achievements that have been achieved in an unprecedented record time in several areas, on the other side of the picture we find a marked and dangerous decline in the behavior and ethics of society, as well as in the concepts and values ​​that were characteristic of Egyptian society. In a way that calls for concern and fear for the future of this country .. This is not pessimistic as much as it is a call to every official and everyone who thinks about the necessity to pause to study the picture in all its dimensions before it is too late .. The examples are many.

First, the quality of the accidents

It has become difficult for most of us to bear seeing this number of incidents completely alien to our society, where the mother kills her infant, the man kills his wife and puts her in the refrigerator and the young man kills his grandmother to steal her, and other things that cannot be recounted and ended with the painful accident of the Maadi girl recently .. and I completely agree with the able writer Suleiman Judeh, who referred to the economic aspect in many of these crimes, and to which I add the phenomenon of what is called a dangerous recorder, which exists among us without knowing it until we discover it after completing its action, and it is a dangerous matter that I ask the Ministry of Interior to speed up its study to prevent the presence of these organisms in the Egyptian street, especially among microbus drivers Which seems to be out of control.

Second, the manifestations of the elections

I regretted and saddened the Egyptian street scene during the elections, which has not changed since I became aware of it during the era of the late leader Abdel Nasser .. Therefore, I ask every Egyptian who goes to the elections committee – which is a national duty – not to give his voice to those who filled the streets and squares with his beautiful image, and I ask the Supreme Committee to limit the propaganda to Conferences to discuss ideas and exchange views, not to show off wealth and prestige, especially after what I heard from a candidate that having sufficient solvency has become a necessity for candidacy!!.

Third, the jurisprudence of priorities has declined

It is neither acceptable nor reasonable religiously or socially for us to spend millions on building new mosques that we do not need while we are borrowing to build schools and hospitals, and repair infrastructure. Cairo, for example, is known historically as the city of a thousand minarets since Amr Ibn Al-Aas built it and built it in the first A mosque in Egypt in the city of Fustat, it has become full of mosques, praise be to God, and there is no city in Egypt that needs more, especially that our honorable Messenger, peace be upon him, says (You made the earth a mosque and purification), and the same applies to performing Umrah and Hajj several times at a time when you need The state and the people in which the people need this wasted money without success, and we have in our honorable Messenger an example, as he did not perform Hajj or Umrah in his life except for one time .. So do some think that they are better than him ?! The time has come for us to stop this despicable increase and erase the formalities of religion, and we are, in fact, far from the true essence of Islam..

Fourth: Attention to education before education

No education without education .. Therefore, private lessons have spread, the phenomenon of cheating, and sometimes with the blessing of the family !, and we have heard about the student’s assault on his teacher, the teacher’s violation of the sanctity of his students, and the spread of the smoking phenomenon in schools and universities, both males and females .. So what do we expect from these generations? I know that education begins in the family and ends with the mass media, but it is closely related to the school and the teacher. Therefore, I ask Dr. Tariq Shawky, while he is striving to restore respect for education and for the school, to recommend focusing on education first and implementing the principle of reward and punishment on the student with regard to his relationship with his colleagues, his teachers and the overall behavior of.

Fifthly … manifestations of joy and sadness

Does the family of the deceased realize that spending thousands on announcing the death in the newspapers will not benefit the deceased anything, and that what is truly beneficial to him is giving charity to the poor and needy with ongoing charity that, God willing, contributes to raising his shares in the afterlife, and may remove some of his sins from him? And do the families of the bride and groom realize that what is spent on the wedding with abominable lavishness can be donated to help in the marriage of those who are unable or given to the newlyweds to help them with the burdens of life? We must not forget that money is the money of God and we are all entrusted with it, so why do we not spend it on what pleases God and makes the needy happy?.

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