Today, the wedding of Dora with businessman Hani Saad in El Gouna, and the wedding after 3 days


“Echo Al Balad” learned that the artist Dora will celebrate today her marriage contract in El Gouna with businessman Hani Saad, and then the wedding will take place after 3 days.

The marriage ceremony will take place in El Gouna in a hotel this evening, according to our own sources.

It is worth noting that a comment by businessman Hani Saad on a picture of Dora ignited social media, and brought back to mind what was previously rumored about a romantic relationship that he had with her.

Social Media circulated a comment by Hani Saad with Munchen Dora and the phrase “I love you”, to which she replied with “love you too”.

Although Dora receives many love messages and comments of admiration on her pictures through Instagram, especially since her followers exceed 11 million people, the expressions of love from Hani Saad and her interaction with his comment with the same phrases made her followers notice the mutual interest between the two parties.


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