Trezeguet: Mohamed Salah is one of the best 3 players in the world … and I expected to beat Liverpool, but!


He expressed Mahmoud Hassan TrezeguetThe Aston Villa star, who was pleased with the historic victory that Villans won over Liverpool in the match that brought them together in the fourth round of the Premier League.

Aston Villa won seven goals to two LeferballWith the participation of the Egyptian star Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, in the face of his colleague and compatriot Mohamed Salah.

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Trezeguet said in statements to Aston Villa: “We did not expect the result. We were confident of a victory. If I said we expected to win this result, I would be lying.”

He added, “We entered the match while we were fighting to win, so that nothing like what happened in the second half would happen, and in every match we deal with it like the final.”

He continued: “The difference between last and current season is that we learned from previous circumstances. We were able to achieve our goal of survival, and we passed that stage.”

And he sent a message to Mohamed Salah, saying: “This is football, a day of victory and a day of loss. Last year he was the world champion, European champion and England champion, and he achieved successes for Egypt, and one of the best 3 players in the world, the result is definitely great, but he can shine in the next matches.” .

He concluded: “The new players definitely added to us, but we helped them adapt. The team is better this season, which is what helped them, and in the end we are helping each other.”


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