Trump and his wife Melania are infected with the Corona virus


US President Donald Trump said, through a tweet on Twitter, that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the emerging coronavirus (that causes Covid-19 disease).

“We will begin the process of quarantine and recovery immediately,” Trump added.

Melania Trump tweeted, “Like many Americans, we are subject to quarantine after testing positive for the Coronavirus. We are in good health, and we have postponed all our engagements,” and sent a message to the Americans, “Please make sure to stay safe, and we will pass the ordeal together.”

This comes hours after Trump announced, on Thursday, that he had entered quarantine with his wife, awaiting the results of the tests that were conducted for them after it was confirmed that an assistant had been infected with the new Corona virus.

Trump tweeted, at the time, on Twitter, “Hope Hicks works hard without taking a small break, she has just been confirmed to have COVID-19.”

“It’s terrible! The first lady and I are waiting for the results of the tests that were conducted for us. At the same time, we will start the quarantine process,” he added.

In the context, British Housing Minister Robert Jenric said, Friday, “The British government hopes that President Trump will recover quickly after it was confirmed that he was infected with Covid-19,” adding that “the United States has a clear protocol to succeed him if necessary.”

“We know how it is, in our case, the prime minister has contracted a covid,” said Genric. “We hope that he (Trump) and his wife will improve quickly.”

The US Vice President, Mike Pence, as well as the White House spokeswoman, Kylie McKinani, as well as a number of Americans, also tweeted wishing Trump and his wife a speedy recovery and returning to their normal agenda.

Trump had told “Fox News” after Hicks was tested positive, saying that “Hicks had tested positive for the Coronavirus,” adding, “I went to the test and we’ll see what happens.”

Earlier Thursday, several US media outlets reported that Hope Hicks had contracted corona, after being tested positive for the infection.

The sources indicated that Hicks was aboard the presidential plane, last Tuesday, to attend the debate that brought together President Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and also attended a Trump election rally, Wednesday, in Minnesota.

While a statement issued by the Deputy White House spokesman, Jude Derry, said that “President Trump cares very much about his health, the health of all those who work with him, and their security,” without providing any information about Hicks’ health.

Derry indicated that they are taking the necessary measures to confront Corona in light of the instructions of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

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