TRUMP: I may be immune to the Coronavirus


06:05 AM

Tuesday 06 October 2020

Washington – (dpa):

US President Donald Trump indicated, Monday evening, that he may be immune to the Corona virus, after he tested positive for the virus and received treatment for three days in a military hospital.

“We will go back to work,” Trump said in a video message to the American people, posted on Twitter after his return to the White House, and repeated his previous comments, in which he said, “Don’t let the virus take your life.”

It is noteworthy that Trump was not accustomed to wearing masks before he was infected with the virus and was holding large gatherings.

Trump has said that as a leader he has to get back to work and be “on the front line.”

He added, “I know there is a risk, there is a risk, but this is good and now I am better. Maybe I am immune, I don’t know?”

It is noteworthy that there is no conclusive evidence that infection with the virus once makes the patient immune from infection with it for a long time.

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