Trump raises controversy by leaving the hospital … “he put the life of the Secret Service in danger”


Reaction to the sudden and very brief appearance of US President Donald Trump outside Walter Reed Hospital to greet his supporters while in the presidential SUV before returning to the hospital began to appear on the social “Twitter”.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” said that while Trump said that his infection with the virus allowed him to understand the virus, he chose to ride a car with other people even though it is contagious, which is something that many health experts have indicated that puts others at risk.

“The presidential SUV is not only bulletproof, but sealed against any chemical attack,” wrote Jonathan Rayner, a professor of medicine at George Washington University, which means that the risk of transmission COVID-19 Inside is high. Irresponsibility is amazing. My calls to Secret Service personnel who have been forced into it. ”

Jonathan Rayner said the president had put the Secret Service “in grave danger”.

Rainer writes: “In a hospital when we interact closely with a patient with coronavirus, we wear full personal protective equipment: a gown, gloves, a muzzle. N95, eye protection, hood. This is the height of irresponsibility. ”

One reporter said that an unidentified Secret Service source said Trump’s appearance was “very reckless, extremely careless, heartless.”

The US President, Donald Trump, was discharged from the hospital, waving to his supporters who greeted him with a standing ovation while he was in his car, and the Guardian newspaper said that the scene was fast and took only a minute.

Trump tweeted a video moments ago in which he said he was “about to make a small surprise visit” to supporters who had gathered outside Walter Reed Hospital, where the president has been under medical care since Friday.

His supporters said they love him and wish him well.

Trump fans have gathered in front of the hospital since he entered Walter Reed Military Center to take care of him after he was infected with the Corona virus.


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