Trump returns to the hospital after saluting his supporters from his car (video and photos)


Trump returns to the hospital after ...

US President Donald Trump, on Sunday, was seen wearing a dark muzzle in his car outside in a motorcade from his hospital, with the aim of saluting his supporters

The US President, Donald TrumpSunday, while he was wearing a dark muzzle in his car outside in a convoy from the hospital in which he resides, with the aim of greeting his supporters gathered in support of him after being infected with the Corona virus.

Trump’s exit raised questions about his destination, but that was only with the aim of “greeting” his supporters, as he then returned to Walter Reed Hospital to continue treatment.


Prior to the tour, Trump posted a new video on Twitter, in which he said, “We will make a surprise visit to some of the great patriots in our streets.”

“I am about to make a surprise small visit,” he added.


Trump said he “learned a lot about Covid-19” in his battle with the virus in the hospital.

“It is the real school. It is not a school of reading books, I realized that, I understood it, and this is very interesting. ”

And on Sunday, Trump’s doctors said his condition was “continuously improving” and that he could leave the hospital from Monday.

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