Two days after her disappearance .. The body of a pregnant woman was found in a refrigerator, in mysterious circumstances


The authorities in the American state of “Texas” found the body of a twenty-three-year-old pregnant woman in a refrigerator in the kitchen of her friend’s house, after her disappearance without a trace for about two days in Mysterious circumstances.
The victim, “Celina Ann Bradley”, a mother of two, was seen for the last time last Friday, and she disappeared in the aftermath, but the police managed to Find her body Monday at the residence of her friend, “William James Martinez”, aged 39 years, in “San Angelo”, “Texas”.
A report by the American newspaper “New York Post” stated that he had been found The victim’s body inside the refrigerator Wrapped in a blue colored cap; The cause of death has not yet been revealed, but initial reports indicate the presence of bruises on the face and neck of the victim, which indicates that she was attacked.

It is reported that “Bradley” was pregnant with her third child at the time of her death.

According to a report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the police managed to reach the victim’s body as a result of multiple confessions made by “Martinez” to people close to him.

The “Daily Mail” quoted a report by a local TV station that the perpetrator made a phone call to a friend named “Tony Chambliss” during which he revealed that he had committed a horrific act, referring to “the presence of a dead body in the refrigerator,” and also called a woman named “Stephanie Rios”, who is the mother of his daughter , And he admitted to killing the victim.

It was not clear when the perpetrator killed his victim, and the circumstances and motives of the crime were not clear, but the victim’s mother reported that the perpetrator spoke to her on the phone on Saturday and denied knowing anything about her daughter.

The police reached “Martinez” on Monday evening at a car wash, and he managed to flee after being chased by the police, but he was actually arrested the next day, charged with murder, and he is currently in detention on a million dollar bail.

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