Two studies reveal blood type is likely to be associated with cases at least risk of “Covid-19”!


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Two studies reveal blood type may be associated with the lowest risk conditions

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Two studies published on Wednesday showed that people with blood type O may be less likely to contract “Covid-19” or suffer from severe symptoms associated with the disease.

Danish researchers analyzed a sample of 7,422 people who had tested positive for the virus, and found that only 38% had blood type O, according to research published in the journal Blood Advances.

Meanwhile, 44% of people with blood type A were infected with the deadly virus.

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In a second study, published in the same journal, Canadian researchers found that critically ill Covid-19 patients with blood types O or B had an average stay in the intensive care unit for a period of 9 days. In contrast, people with blood types A or AB stayed for 13.5 days.

The researchers also found that 61% of critically ill patients, those with type O or B blood, needed to be connected to a ventilator – far fewer than 84% of people with blood type A or AB who needed a ventilator.

The reason may be that people with blood type O generally have fewer clotting problems, which are strongly linked to “Covid-19”, according to Maybinder Sikhon, the doctor who prepared the Canadian study, to CNN.

But researchers say more research is needed.

Sikhon said, “I don’t think the results replace other very serious risk factors, such as age, comorbidities, etc. If someone is blood type A, don’t worry. And if you’re blood type O, it doesn’t mean you are free to choose” Going to pubs and bars. ”

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