Two studies reveal the blood type of people who are least likely to have Coronavirus


3:00 AM

Sunday 18 October 2020


Two studies published in the journal “Blood Advances” revealed that people with blood type “AB0” (Group A) are less likely to be infected with the Coronavirus.

According to the two studies, Danish experts compared the data of more than 473,000 people who were examined for the detection of the Corona virus (Covid-19), and the results showed that among those who were found to be carriers of the virus, there were fewer patients with blood type AB0 (the first group) and more. From that with A (second), B (third) and AB (fourth)., According to Russia Today.

Scientists explain this by the fact that the first blood group does not contain erythrocyte antigens, which allow the virus to enter the body.

Another study conducted on 95 critically ill patients in a hospital in Canada revealed that people with blood type A or AB are more likely to develop complications that require intensive care and ventilators.

And researchers from China, the United States and Iran had found earlier that people who had the second blood type were more likely to die from complications caused by the Corona virus.


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