Unveiled a “supersonic passenger plane”



An American company unveiled an unprecedented achievement in building a supersonic passenger plane, and showed video footage of the event.

In a broadcast posted on its Facebook page, Boom Supersonic showed scenes of the XB-1 design, which it described as the fastest plane with innovative technology.

The company stated that commercial production of the aircraft will take time and perhaps until the end of this decade at least.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that a number of American companies are competing to bring back the supersonic passenger flights that disappeared with the withdrawal of the British-French Concorde from service in 2003.

The agency quoted the chief executive of “Boom Supersonic”, Blake Scholl, that the plane’s first test flight will be in the second half of 2021, with the aircraft (Overchart), the company’s supersonic plane, to enter service by the end of the current decade.

Source: RT + Reuters

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