Urgent action by the mabahith … assault on an Egyptian doctor in Kuwait with beating and insults


A new incident of assault reported by the press KuwaitiIts events took place in a medical center, and its heroine was an Egyptian doctor who only demanded that the aggressor abide by his role and respect others, so what he had done was to open out to people his disgraceful act by attacking the doctor.

Al-Rai newspaper reported on the incident and considered the attack as part of a series of attacks on medical personnel.

The newspaper stated that the “Fintas clinic” witnessed an attack on insulting and beating an Egyptian female doctor.

The newspaper explained the reason, saying: The doctor asked the patient who came to the medical clinic to respect the role assigned to him, but that did not fall on his ears, and he forgot his human sense and beat the doctor.

And the course of affairs changed, after the attack was recorded as a case against the aggressor, and he is being seized with an order the authoritiesAccording to the newspaper.

A security source told Al-Rai newspaper, “The security authorities received a complaint from a doctor in the Fintas dispensary. He insulted and insulted her, and beat her, until the nurses and auditors intervened and rescued her from him.

The security source added that “the doctor made the statements of the accused who left the place, and recorded a case against him that was referred to the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation to arrest him, investigate him and listen to his statements regarding the accusation against him.”

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