US presidential election 2020: How could the outcome change the Gulf region, Middle East?


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Arab newspapers commented on the approaching date of the US presidential elections, with the start of the countdown to take place next month.

A book asked whether one of the two candidates – Donald Trump and Joe Biden – were luckier than the other, and what could be reflected in the Middle East and Gulf region from the results of these elections? Could the victory of one of them change anything in the region? And if Trump went, would he take Netanyahu with him? Will the Gulf become the scene of the election surprise?

‘Trump or Biden’

Ahmed Sayed Ahmed says in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram that Trump and Biden have “strengths and weaknesses cards.”

And he adds: “The Democrats, led by Biden, are following the strategy of employing President Trump’s failure in many files, as they hold him responsible for the outbreak of the Corona pandemic due to his failure to manage it, his recklessness and reduce its risk … the deterioration of the economy, the loss of millions of jobs, the deterioration of the lives of the American people … and the escalation of racism in … American society because of its encouragement of the extreme right-wing movements. “

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