Van Dyck: Staying on top is difficult. Everyone wants us down


Dutch defender Virgil van Dyck, Liverpool defender, said that staying on top is difficult, pointing out that everyone wants to see Liverpool fall.

Liverpool suffered a severe defeat in the fourth round of the English Premier League, 7-2, in favor of Aston Villa.

During comments carried by the Liverpool Echo newspaper, Van Dyck said: “I think trying to stay on top is the most difficult thing.”

He added, “Everyone wants to see you fall when you reach the summit. That is life.”

And he continued: “For me, I do my best until the moment of retirement, so that I have no regrets after that, because this is the worst feeling you can feel.”

“We will have difficult times in the coming period, but we are champions and it took us some time to achieve this, so we must enjoy that moment and take advantage of it,” Al-Dutch said.

It is worth noting that Liverpool is currently in fifth place after collecting 9 points out of 4 matches (winning 3 and losing one).


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